Why Introverts Love Texting and Why Some Extroverts Hate It

Discussion in 'Society & Culture' started by ProgressTheory, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. ProgressTheory

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    It dawned on me today while thinking about extroverted people and how annoying they can be sometimes that a lot of them tend to hate technology and how it both connects us and distances us.

    See extroverts NEED social interaction. It's energizing. But technology has made it so introverts who don't want to have an entire conversation with an extrovert just to ask them a simple question can just text them. That's it. No hey how are you. Let's catch up for a half hour. Just question, answer, done.

    A friend of mine who is as extroverted as they come replies to all texts with "call me" because she wants to have a conversation and she knows you have your phone because you just texted her.

    Texting causes a paradoxical situation for extroverts. It's a way to reach a lot of people really quickly, even when they are not right in front of them (yes!). However comma... it often leaves them yearning for real social contact. It can be a quick fix to get them through until they can corner someone and converse them into a coma; but it can also leave an extrovert feeling frustrated and cheated when the introvert stops responding after they have the information they need.


    I'm a middle of the road kinda guy. I don't need time alone to recharge but I'm not a center of attention type either. My introvert friends text me nearly as much as my extrovert friends do. When using their fingers they are regular chatty Kathy's and I think it's partly because deep down they feel in charge. Not only can they simply stop responding at any time, but they even get built in little conversation breaks between texts. They get to do what introverts love, and that's to think about everything they're going to say before they say it.


    So sure, there are extroverts who text like mad men and love it, but the truth is, introverts love it more. In fact, you can thank your favorite introverts for a lot of things. You can argue all you want as to whether or not Al Gore invented the internet, but there is no denying that the social media revolution and texting are easily the product of introverted thinking.

    There is certainly common ground for introverts and extroverts in this text crazy world. Extroverts will just have to understand that texting is an introvert being assertive and controlling the conversation. While introverts need to understand that when you initiate a conversation with an extrovert, text or otherwise, you just fired off an invitation to a conversation.
  2. philosoraptor

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    Well I only have a few friends (that's because I choose to keep it minimal, my friends circle) and all of them are very understand - and are either introverts or mostly ambiverts. Extroverts, I find immensely demanding and draining.

    As for texting - I have some social anxiety issues too so I actually prefer texting. I find via text, I can express myself more clearly and coherently, and take my time to formulate my thoughts. Speaking is not terrible, I mean I do like the occassional talk with people whom I like, it's different and more "real", but I still prefer textual communication mostly. I would agree that social media is such a blessing for introverts, no matter how much flak they get.
  3. Mr. Philstivus

    Mr. Philstivus ... in the Tao ...

    While I am a reformed extrovert and my lifestyle now makes a monk's look glamorous by comparison, I despise texting.

    It might be because I despise cell phones in general; it might be because, as a writer, I spend my entire day "texting". Whatever the reason, if I had to make the hard choice I would choose speech over text.

    Besides, I'd lose a lot of time being featured constantly on DamnYouAutoCorrect.com.
  4. ctfranklin28

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    I am an introvert (for the most part) and hate texting, to be honest. To me, it's too quick and a cause for too much confusion. Now, if I prefer email to talking, that is another story....
  5. ProgressTheory

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    You think texting is too quick? How do you figure that?
  6. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 New Member

    Well, the people that text me text too often compared to me. While I am replying to one text, they have already sent three or four!
  7. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor New Member

    Well I hate traditional "texting" too for the record - as in mobile phone texts. However FB messages for eg. - are very convenient. And yes, I do post relatively long posts, which some might consider off putting :p But I try to be as concise as possible though.
  8. Draggy

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    I use,my phone,for everything but Im still a slow texter. I can't multitask and text for losing my train of thought.
    Then there's auto correct. It's just easier to call.

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