Are You An Alpha Male or Just a Douche?

Discussion in 'Society & Culture' started by ProgressTheory, Oct 26, 2013.

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    I was recently reading about the false dichotomy of the alpha/beta male and his place in our society. As usual when I come across this topic, I can't help but wonder what people are thinking. Human beings transcend nature. It truly is what separates us from the animals. So, though the idea that male primal instincts to be either alpha or beta may be rooted in ethology, it has no place in our modern society.

    Alpha is just another one of those silly made up terms to try to put a positive spin on being a dick. There's a difference between someone who is a take charge individual and someone who just likes attention or craves being above others. There's a movement happening today that is trying to promote the alpha male status as something one should aspire to -- but the truth is, being alpha leads to a lot of the ills of our society such as bigotry and severe economic inequality.

    Check Out This Interesting Experiment by an "Alpha Expert".​

    Using the situation in that video as an example, a take charge individual would be someone who steps into that situation and leads the group because they believe in the mission or goal and actually know how to get there. An alpha, would try to take charge even when it's clear they are obviously not the most qualified to be in charge. At that point you're not a leader, you're a dick.

    Also if you think about it, the whole alpha persona quite often backfires. You can't be an alpha if the people around you decide you're not. See besides dick, there's another more appropriate name for alphas, and it's called being a douche. The label of douche is awarded to overly confident, obnoxious, attention seeking people who fail at dominating the people around them.

    The truth is anyone can be the "alpha" in any situation. Douches aren't special people who always win and being an alpha is provably not something you're born with. Example, watch what you would call your average or "beta" person in an office setting after they get promoted. You'll often times see them transform into an alpha and you'll hear people call them things like "natural leader". They walk taller, dominate meetings, etc. The people that challenge them are almost always the people who don't mind losing their job or are in a higher position. It has nothing to do with them being alpha or not. It all comes down to who has the least to lose.

    Only in the animal kingdom does the wreckless pursuit of being on top make you anything but a douche.
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  2. SamSneed

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    The very fact that you're asking this makes you a BETA.

    Also, chimps gonna chimp.
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    Ummm... I think that's called Gamma. Not becoming a leader until you have to etc.
  4. GetSome

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    Can't I just be an AlphaBeta man??
  5. philosoraptor

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    Err, actually it doesn't. It actually makes you someone who questions the gender binaries and dichotomies. By imposing that on them, you're engaging in a false dichotomy.
    "Chimps gonna chimp" is true, because although it's an interesting factoid, it's still descriptive.
  6. Epink

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    I think that every guy who cares about things like being an "alpha" or a "beta" or whatever is extremely insecure. And if you think you're alpha, you probably aren't (especially since I don't believe it's really a thing).
    The video posted by the OP is long, but quite interesting, I recommend watching at least some of it.
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    The subject doesn't particularly interest me all that much, but I agree. It's ridiculous that people feel so much need to adhere to gender roles and gender binaries. I mean what's the point of these arbitrary classifications at all? If I wear pink I'm "beta"? That's somehow "lesser"? Or what exactly is it? Can't we accept reality as it is, complex instead of such over-simplistic and absurd notions?

    Alpha-beta my sweet lil' tush.
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    I have to agree, I don't understand this concept at all. I'm surrounded by men at home and what does this mean? LOL! Besides the men I work with every day and I don't get this idea. Is there something I missed along the way.
    Is this what young girls are looking for? My oldest had better watch out! He's a many man, not a panty waist. And by the way they will all wear pink or orchid if I buy it for them.
  9. philosoraptor

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    Dunno drags, this is pretty much common a conception among people tbh. And I have no idea why they do this though. If you fix arbitrary criteria X you're alpha, if you fit criteria Y you're beta? Any people who think they can make such neat boxes for people to fit in with regards to gender are seriously delusional. And quite detrimental too, IMHO.
  10. Draggy

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    Must be some "pecking" order me and you have missed Phil. LOL!!
  11. philosoraptor

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    Haha, sure seems so. Can we have gamma, please? Gammas are people who don't give a **** about gender binaries :D
    When someone says "Pink is feminine" - I go like "WTF?" I mean I don't even know how this is supposed to work. You should see all the gendered stuff out there, it's ludicrous.
    And not to mention, anything "feminine" is looked down upon, if men happen to break such gender binaries.
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    There are "douche" Alphas in the animal kingdom, too!
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    Sorry, but isn't that what he was trying to say? Or did I miss something? Because his point seems to be that we have the privilege of breaking our shackles of what "nature" has given us. Nature did not "give us" brains to do advanced calculus or philosophy. But we do. And so on.
    We are at a huge advantage that way.
  14. BigBadBen

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    There are "douche" Alphas in the animal kingdom, too! - BBB

    My interpretation of the line by itself is that people tend not to label a dominance-striving animal as a "douche".

    Contextually, I guess there's an insinuation there with regard to our break with nature and our advanced powers to debate/discern much like we do here. And I'll be the first to admit that maybe less dominant creatures from the same genus label their Alphas as "douche", but I'm not sure.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE, but not too far removed, and NOT a red herring: saw a show where a guy measured speech patterns using thousands of pages of text, and found that in all languages if you measure by frequency of word use, a speech pattern emerges (X-Y axis) that forms an almost perfect 45 degree slope. He tried it with dolphins recording frequencies of squeels and chirps, and again got a 45 degree slope. Birds...the same. There are speech patterns in the animal kingdom, and so there is language in the animal kingdom. I wonder just how different we are from those animals really...and I wonder what the dolphin word is for "douche"...
  15. philosoraptor

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    Well you can ask him - but what I interpreted it as is exactly what you said, that there are douches in animal kingdom, and that sort of "wreckless pursuit of being on top" is considered anything but douchey - but humans breaks our shackles that other animals are unable to.

    Interesting, which documentary is this?
  16. BigBadBen

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    It was a show (series) on PIVT or LINK called, "Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman. I just now found the series for free online. It sounds like a great series based on the episode titles, but I cant figure out which one has the speech pattern episode (at least based on the titles). I do remember that the guy's next experiment was to track radio signals from space to see if there are any discernible language patterns that emerge - so probably an episode about life elsewhere. Here is the link!

    Maybe we should try a group-watch and discussion for each episode!

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